The Front Bar of the Innamincka Hotel

The Innamincka Hotel can trace its origins to the early days on the banks of the Cooper Creek where it served drinks to cattlemen of the day. The Front Bar epitomises all that an outback pub should be with loads of character and local memorabilia.

Grab a drink and take in some of the outback treasures that adorn the walls and form an important part of the pub’s cultural appeal, or park yourself on a bar stool and strike up a conversation with a fellow traveller. You might even be able to coax a story or two out of some of the locals. And if all gets a bit noisy, head outside and have a seat at one of the outdoor settings under a big shady umbrella.

Naturally, the bar is well stocked with a huge range of spirits and many beers on tap. However, it wasn’t always that way. When the original hotel was built, it only served bottled beer because infrequent visitors meant the kegs would go off before they could be finished. The surplus of bottles at the back of the hotel reached a point where it was over a metre high and several hundred metres long. It was a visitor attraction unto itself, but ultimately it was washed downstream along with the ruins of the hotel in the massive 1956 flood.

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