Innamincka Hotel – Food & Drinks

At The Innamincka Hotel, we love being an outback pub. The sounds of birds as you enjoy a cold beer, the nod from locals coming to grab a bite to eat, the stories of travellers exploring our amazing country. We don’t sweat the small stuff, we live by the motto “it’s all good”.

Being an outback pub does come with its own challenges–like we can’t always get deliveries through if the roads are closed, sometimes we’re a full house and other times we say goodnight early. So if our menu changes at the last minute, or our doors close a little early one day we hope you’ll understand that we’re just taking it day by day out here. Maybe you’ve heard of island time? Well, consider this outback time.

There’s one thing that never changes around here though–there’s always someone to say g’day and give you a hand. If you’re stuck in a bind and getting in late, we’ll make sure you get something to eat. Want to know the best places to go around here? We’re always up to have a yarn about this area we love. The phone reception may be hit and miss, but the stories that are told around here will keep you entertained.

We’re looking forward to showing you our way of living, we think you’ll enjoy slowing down.